Design Services

Component specification, Electrical Schematics, Enclosure / Sub-Panel layouts, and Material Lists for new equipment, modifications, or retro-fits.

Code compliant designs with attention to details like

  •  High SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating)
  •  Transient and Noise tolerance
  •  Energy efficiency
  •  Clean, intuitive layouts
  •  Easy serviceability
  •  Cross-referenced documentation

OSHA 1910.132, Subpart S, and NFPA-70E protection requirements make it increasingly important that your electrical panels are uncluttered with clearly identified components and easily visible test points. The need to troubleshoot control panels with live voltage is an unfortunate fact of life. Your technicians will tell you the PPE now required when working a live enclosure impedes visibility and constrains movement. Many older enclosures are very difficult to work due to high component densities, poor labeling, insufficient space between wire duct and terminals, and terminal block placement.